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Parking Management System
Parking Management Systems we offer not only render unproblematic parking strategies but also assist in allocating beneficial outcomes to the drivers. These utilize integrated applications, which can be joined with other uses of the parking spaces for finer results.
Toll Management System
Toll Management Systems offered by us are serviceable as the refreshing solutions that bestow a hassle-free experience to all workers. These aid commissioners to accumulate toll charges as well as cope up with other processes, successfully.
Boom Barrier
We offer Boom Barriers, which proffer security both at the exit as well as the entry points of offices, toll tax plazas, residential areas, corporate houses, industrial unit, parking lots, etc.
Spike Barrier
The Spike Barriers are the devices that control vehicles from incoming as well as exiting the buildings. These are suited for high level security and can be fixed on top of the prevailing road surface.
Traffic Barrier
Traffic Barriers we deal in are applicable to protect vulnerable areas such as fuel tanks, pedestrian zones, school yards, and from rowdy automobiles. These are usually made to reduce injury to vehicle populaces.
Sliding Gate Operator
Sliding Gate Operators we offer are featured with highly efficient gate safety sensors. These are proffered with safety reversing and can sense an obstruction. These eliminate inflated driveway trenching and work with safety.
Security Turnstile
Height Turnstile gates offered by us are made to ensure security as well as crowd management at the entrance in various regions. These are delivered with electromechanical drive appliance, section propellers and Bi-directional passage panels for attaining an efficient operation.
Hydraulic Bollard
Offered best quality Hydraulic Bollards are entirely automatic and are capable to fight with corrosion. These bollards are sectioned with safety fixtures and insure an extended serviceability.
Traffic Bollard
Traffic Bollards we offer are made to avoid access to off-limits zones and also detach the paths or ways of traffic as well as line streets, while also permitting the walkers to pass unhindered.
Barrier Gates
Barrier Gates we deal in are made to give control for all varieties of automobiles. These render safety as well as absolute protection for pedestrian and are applicative for site accesses.
Automatic Road Blocker
Buy from us this automatic road blocker to use it in commercial, government and military facilities, where the vehicle access needs to be controlled. The heavy-duty blocker is a crash rated barrier that must be installed only by professionals. 
Queue Management System
This range of high performance Queue Management Systems is useful for avoiding unnecessary crowd in different public places and also in commercial buildings. These have electronic board for displaying token number of customers.
Automatic Sliding Doors
This array of motor controlled Automatic Doors has wide applications in various offices, commercial buildings, hospitals etc. Notable for their elegant and stylish appearance, these doors have infrared sensor or motion sensor based operating mode.
Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems
Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems deserve praise for their ergonomic look. These systems support night vision technology. These have built in wide dynamic range for maintaining variation in background and foreground lighting.
Baggage Scanner
Baggage scanner is used for security purpose to check the objects that are harmful such as sharp metal objects, nail cutter, matchstick etc. They are mostly used in places like metro station, airport and shopping malls.

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